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Macy H

  Passionate and creative, that’s me. I have always had a fascination for baking and cookie making, but life has taken me in other academic directions… until now! Being a first-year student I discovered a class called Chemistry in the Kitchen. This class has taken me back in time and elevated my cooking knowledge. Now …



Hello fellow readers, bakers, and/or scientists, My name is Mary and I am a college student from Massachusetts. Ever since I was little, I’ve enjoyed baking. One of my favorite desserts to make are cookies, especially during the holiday season. From chocolate chips cookies to sugar cookies, I love them all and I love eating …



My name is Leonid Kontorovskiy (Lenny for short). I am currently an international freshman in Dickinson college. My homecountry is Russia. I have lived my whole life in Moscow (capital of Russia), but then decided to go to college in US in order to get better education than it is possible in Moscow, and just …