DEI Reflection- Anika Moralis

If I had to migrate to another country, I would probably migrate to the Netherlands because I have family there, so I would have a place to stay and people I knew to help me navigate an unfamiliar country. Since I have never been to the Netherlands, I can’t exactly say what my experience would be like, however, I do know I would be privileged in my experience there being white and as part of my family is Dutch. Although the Netherlands can appear to be a progressive country, particularly with its lax policies on drugs and its support of LGBTQ+ rights, in many ways it is not, especially when it comes to immigration. Most of the political divide is surrounding the topic of immigration and there are many people who still carry anti-immigrant sentiments. I believe I would also be privileged in my experience because of my Dutch family living in the Netherlands. As I previously stated, they would be able to help me navigate an unfamiliar country, which would most definitely ease my transition to a new country. Also, although I know little to no Dutch, my family could again help me understand and/or learn the language more quickly. 

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