DEI Reflection- Julz

Given circumstances outside of my control, and I had to migrate to another country I would either go to Canada or the UK. If Canada, I would just cross the border and head to Toronto but if the UK I would probably land in one of the main cities. I would choose a larger city due to the resources available, and greater chance of job opportunities.  Given my identity as a white, American, and mainly English speaking female I likely would face prejudice against being American, but I likely would not struggle too much with any language barrier. I might struggle getting a job without any sponsors in the host country, so I would probably have to start with something “under the table” until proper documents are squared away. As a female, I would likely be pushed into jobs such as being a nanny or babysitter or tutor. My internet cut out during the workshop, so I am not entirely sure what is meant by target/agent dynamics I may encounter, but I imagine I would encounter a huge power difference between being employed in a country that is not my home country and my employer.

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