Puppies go through a process of teething. Which means they are losing their deciduous teeth (non-permanent/baby teeth). This is similar to that which humans go through, however, puppies lose their teeth much faster. According to the authors of “Teeth, Teething and Chewing in Puppies”, they start losing their teeth when they are about twelve weeks old. After six months , almost all their deciduous teeth will have been replaced by adult teeth.

Teddy is currently going through his teething phase. He bites his toys, shoes, pillows, chairs, and couches. He loves to bite the corners of rugs and turn the rug upside down. However, Teddy’s favorite things to bite are people’s hands, legs, or feet. There are multiple reasons for Teddy and all puppies to do this. First, during this process, puppies’ teeth and mouth hurt, by chewing on things it provides them with temporary relief. Teddy seems to enjoy chewing things that have some give to them, rather than harder objects. This is most likely because it provides him with more relief from pain because his teeth can sink into the object. Second, in the article “Teeth, Teething and Chewing in Puppies”, it mentions that dogs use their mouths to explore and learn. They will lick and chew things to gain a better understanding of them. For this reason, it is obviously a good idea to keep a close eye on your puppy, just in case they decide to chew on or eat something that they shouldn’t . Teddy chews objects that he shouldn’t all the time. Being aware of what your puppy is going through is very important.

Although the teething process can be a struggle for both the puppy and the owner, there are certain things you can give them to chew on that will provide relief. Such as rubber toys, Kongs, or frozen washcloths. In addition to helping your puppy find some relief, being conscious of their teething process will also shape their behavior once they lose their baby teeth. You don’t want your puppy to think that it is alright to bite people, so when they do this, it is important to give them a toy to chew on instead.




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