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Apple Video Adapters

The Media Center has a variety of Apple adapters for connecting Apple MacBooks to various displays, such as TVs and other video monitors, including VGA, DVI and HDMI connections. The Apple DVI to Video Adapter was designed to allow Mac Pro (with ATI X1900 XT), MacBook Pro, Mac mini and Power Mac G5 users to connect the DVI port to an S-video or Composite video device such as TVs, VCRs or overhead projectors with S-Video or RCA (Composite) connectors. The Apple DVI to Video Adapter is designed to work with the DVI port on the Mac Pro (with ATI X1900 XT) MacBook Pro, Mac mini and Power Mac G5 systems only.

Music to our ears

Over the summer, the Media Center went though a redesign and part of it was creating more sound buffered booths (they aren’t quite ‘sound proof’) that can be used for skyping, interviews, podcasts or music creation.  Since there weren’t other places on campus that had spaces where people could easily record music (without getting in trouble for being too loud) our Podcast nooks have become quite popular.  The rooms are outfitted with soundproofing materials on the walls and door and are equip to record through 2 microphones for voice or instruments, 1 mini mixer, 1 keyboard, and 1 iMac using recording apps, such as Garageband, Audacity, & IMovie.  The rooms can be reserved for use by emailing


Light Reflector

The Media Center has large reflectors available. These are most useful for reflecting sunlight for filming or photography.


Light kit

Light kits is used for photography and filming when strong exposure is needed. It includes two umbrellas, light bulbs and tripods. Check out a light kit with your camera in order to get that professional studio shot.


LED Light Kit

Our LED light kits come with two lights and tripods, and are used in filming or photography when strong lighting is needed. These will allow you to get more professional and better lit shots.


GPS Unit

GPS units allow you to accurately pinpoint your position anywhere on the globe. We have three different models available, one of which can save exported data in the .gs2 format which is easily imported into google earth.


Flat Microphone

These flat microphones are useful for recording audio when placed on a table, and enhance voices while reducing background noise. These microphones use a standard audio connection and are useful when using a recorder or computer with a microphone-in connection. We also have USB flat microphones available.


Flip Video Cameras

Compact and convenient, Flip video cameras are designed for simplicity and ease of use. These cameras are useful for quick video projects and can be used to quickly and simply film and upload digital video to a computer. They can also be used with a tripod. The Media Center has several Flip Ultra and Flip UltraHD.


TLT Workshop – Put Yourself on the Map

Celebrate GIS day & play with Google Earth

When: Tuesday Nov 16th, 12 – 1 PM

Where: Info Commons Classroom (Library)


Digital Still Camera

The Media Center has several different models of Digital camera available. These cameras are simpler and easier to use than our DSLRs, but still output relatively quality digital photos. They also offer a variety of auto-focus, lighting adjustment and auto-effects. All of our compact digital still cameras can record sound and moving video as well as still photographs.


Most of our models offer a touch screen or button-operated interface, a built in zoom function, and come with batteries and a cable to connect them to a computer.


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