For the most part, things have been quiet in the Bosler Media Center this past summer. Aside from some renovations with the media center website and some cool new toys coming in (Sony Readers, LED lighting kits, etc.), the Media Center hasn’t had many major projects, however, there has been one very important one: renovations to the micro-room. After 4 years, the time came for a new batch of iMac computers to fill the halls of the Bosler micro-room. Now equipped with the latest Apple iMacs, possessing a quad core 2.5 GHz processor, a 21.5 inch screen, top notch resolution, and 500 GB of memory, and with the latest versions of various Adobe and Apple programs installed on them (Photoshop, InDesign, iMovie, etc.), the micro room has all the tools to let students and faculty create whatever they imagine.