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How to Clone Yourself….using Photoshop

Just saw this posted over on Photoshop Disasters and I personally always wondered how this was done.  I am surprised how incredibly simple it is if you took your shots properly.  Enjoy.

Podcast Training Outline


Audio Examples

  1. Creative Style – Role Playing
    Tesman First Year Seminar Tesla VS Edison
    Dave Jackson-Quantum Mechanics-FYS-Time Travel
  2. Good Intro-Connects with Audience-Good imagery
    Jeremy Ball- Atlantic Slave Trade – Carolina Low Country
    Dave Richeson – Shoulders of Giants – Square root of 2
  3. Live Recording-No post production
    Panel Style-Helwig Larsen- Why People Believe Weird Things
    Individual-Public Service Announcement-Jim Hoefler-One Green Minute
  4. Interview excerpt
    Dan Schubert- Untold Stories of Disease & Disability – Obesity
  5. Foreign Language
    Poetry- Chris Francese – Latin Poetry Podcast
  6. Blended Layers of Audio
    Ted Merwin-Great Secular Jews in HistorY
    Missy Niblock-Writing Science News-Commercial Space Travel

Image Example

  1. Sherri Lullo-Imovie-Ken Burns Style-Asian Art

Video Examples

  1. Interview
  2. Screen Capture
  3. Explaining Style
  4. Behind the Desk/News Style
  5. Simple Animation

Podcast types

  1. Public Service Announcement
  2. News Story
  3. Oral History
  4. Interview
  5. Poetry/Theatre/Arts

Discussion-Best Practices

  1. Journalism- Inverted Pyramid of information
    Lead with hook
    Draw audience in
    Personalize with audience
  2. Public Speaking
    Practice aloud
    Practice in front of audience
    Evaluate tone
    Emotions come through in voice
  3. Copyright
    Creative Commons
    Fair use in education

Presentation Methods

  1. Audio only
  2. Image/Slide based
  3. Video


  1. Recording
  2. Editing
  3. Inserting Audio
    CCmixter – Music
    Freesound – sound effects
  4. Saving
  5. Exporting


  1. Enhanced podcast


  1. Images
  2. Effects
    Ken Burns
  3. Titles
  4. Transitions
  5. Audio
    Music/Sound effects
  6. Exporting

Posting Podcast

  1. Itunes RSS feed
  2. Dickinson Blog

Subscribing to podcast

  1. Rss Reader
  2. ITunes

Example Assignment

  1. Richeson: Math
  1. Francese: Latin Poetry

Discussion – with Faculty – Project Consulting

  1. Concerns with project
  2. Adaptability of project to fit scope/class
  3. Assessment


ccmixter-variety of music styles
Museopen-free classical works

Sound Effects

Flickr Commons – Museum Collections
Creative Commons


Fair Use Checklist-Help deciding if you can use a copyrighted work in your project

Take Aways


  1. Audacity
  2. IMovie
  3. Garageband
ebeedd b

Public Domain & Creative Commons Resources

Public Domain Content

Multiple Media Types

Wikimedia Commons:
“A database of 4,909,797 freely usable media files to which anyone can contribute.”

Creative Commons Search


Project Gutenberg:
A database containing the text of over 30,000 (primarily public domain) books.


U.S. Government Photos and Images:
Most, but not all of these, will be public domain. So check the license terms for the particular site you are in.

The Library of Congress has a Flickr site and “[a]lthough the Library of Congress does not grant or deny permission to use photos, the Library knows of no copyright restrictions on the publication, distribution, or re-use of these photos. “:

Flickr – Creative Commons Search
Flickr Commons- Museums and Archives


1. CCmixter – Music

2. Freesound – Sound Effects

3. PDSound – Sound Effects

4. Sound Bible – Sound Effects

5. Public Domain Information Project – Music & Sheet music

6. Musopen

7. ibeat – free beats, loops & breaks

8. Free Music Archive – Music

9. Jamendo


1. Entertainment Magazine’s Free Movies

2. Public Domain movies

3. Open Video Project

4. Internet Archive


Creating Music in the Media Center

That whole “If you build it, they will come” thing certainly rang true with the podcast rooms we created last summer.  We built them initially to support the growing need for recording booths for podcast projects but realized there was a void on campus when it came to music recording.  Our idea was to offer a space that students (or any college employee really) could fine a space to make & record music easily and not have to worry (too much) about bothering their neighbors. 

We have a mics & stands available for check out and a mini mixer, midi keyboard & Imac outfitted in both rooms.  Students have really enjoyed using the spaces and it’s always appreciated when they share the music with us so we can then share it with you.  Learn more from the great video our student employee Eli created and the soundtrack is provided by Mike Dempsey who recorded this tune in our podcast room!


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Gaming in the Media Center

Did you know that our Language Technologist, Todd Bryant, is a scholar in educational gaming.  Did you just get turned off because I used the term ‘educational gaming’.  Worry not, most of these games are the same ones you want to play, but maybe with a little twist added to them (shhh…you might just learn something while you play).

We have Civ 4 that includes a mod written by Todd which includes a historical simulation of the western world in 1492. This modded version was written for, & played in, Professor Ed Webb’s Empires Course while they researched the Aztec empire. Another mod will be built by students during the Fall ’11 semester in Professor Michael Fratentuano’s Global Economy Course with topics covering resource scarcity, globalization and conflict in world powers and Africa.

We also have a range of contemporary games modded to be played only in foreign languages to achieve language immersion.  Some of these include: The Sims 3, Prince of Persia & Mass Effect and others will be added over time.  A game called Peacemaker is available that chronicles & analyzes the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and puts you in charge of trying to solve it.  You will understand just how complex the issues are the drive the conflict.

Finally, we have 2 console systems in the Media Center.  A Japanese Wii & a German Xbox with Kinect are available for check out.

Want to know more?  Check out this slick video our student employee Brennan created!

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