Video projects can take on many forms and some stories are move involved than others.  The Media Center understands this and is prepared to train classes in higher level video editing when projects require more than what IMovie has to offer.  Final Cut Express is located in the Bosler Microroom and Media Center is a main program students use when creating a short film for Film courses.  We walk the class through the whole process of editing by working with them in a lab for a few hours.  We are also available to assist them as they are working on their projects during the rest of the semester.  The Media Center becomes a second home to these students as they work through building their projects and shaping their stories.


Faculty & Students in Film Classes


Hands On-Instructor Led


2-3 Hours-In Class Time


  1. Know how to use the software program Final Cut Express to import & edit video
  2. Have observed a variety of course related video examples.
  3. Know best practices to use when writing script.
  4. Be provided online resources to help you get started finding creative commons audio, video or image files.


The Beatles: Fame in the 21st Century- Documentary

Professor Liza Trevino- Social Documentary Course


Silent Witness

Prof Stephanie Gilmore