The Media Center houses a large pool of video equipment for check out so classes creating videos have resources readily available to them.  Although many students have worked with some of this equipment, most do not have the full understanding of what we have available and what each piece is capable of doing.  After discussing the project your class will be working on, we can evaluate which items would need to be covered in this training and we can set up a time to bring you class to Media Center so they can get an overview of the technologies.  This training covers the basics of what we have available and how to handle the equipment.  This session does not focus on techniques and best practices when shooting video.  We do offer that session as well and the 2 trainings can be merged into one long session or they can be broken up into multiple smaller sessions.


Faculty & Students


Instructor Led – Overview or Hands On


30-60 Minutes


  • Basic knowledge of equipment for checkout
  • Understand procedures & policies related to equipment checkout
  • Comfortable handling, using & storing equipment
  • Know where the Media Center is and how to get assistance when needed