Month: September 2011

Making a Website

Two weeks ago, I started creating a website for a non-profit organization I work for. Before this, I had only worked with WordPress blogs and making a website appeared too difficult a task to take on, but it turned out alright at the end.

Andy, my colleague at the Media Center, introduced me to Bluehost ( through which I rented a domain for two years at the cost of about 185 USD, which is not too expensive. Bluehost was so convenient to use. Once I made the domain, Bluehost directed me to the control panel of my domain, through which I made Email accounts and downloaded WordPress, to help design the website.

Using WordPress, I chose a template, picked the colors, number of widgets, and banner size and design, and created pages for my website. Under pages, I created menues so that every time someone clicks on the page, a menue will drop down. From Setting on WordPress, I picked the language, the time zone, the font and the administrative page colors (either blue or gray). Then, I started adding text to the website. Once the texts were in place, I downloaded a plugin from WordPress, under plugin, to create and publish slideshows. I picked the NewGen slideshow plugin. It was fine but it didn’t allow me to center the slideshow on the website. I went to NewGen Gallery, now on the menue to the right of the page, and uploaded photos into a gallery. Then I created a new post and hist Add Gallery and selected Slideshow from the right side icons above the post. Then I hit publish, and there it was!

This was a great experience to create a semi-professional looking website for my organization but most importantly it was a good learning experience. If you are making a website and you are confused, like I was, the Media Center people are nice and we can help you.


PJ Crowley live from the Media Center on Fox News

Today we again had the pleasure of working with PJ Crowley and connecting him to Fox News via Skype.  Thanks to Tom Smith for taking on most of the work and Ryan capturing the event in real time.  Here is a behind the scenes look and a video of the segment from Fox.


Better Presentations

Its still early in the semester but chances are you’ve already been asked to create a presentation. Checkout this great slide show about making better slide shows.

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