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Snapz window

Creating clips using Snapz, VLC, and QuckTime

Snapz is an application for capturing video from the screen while also capturing the audio from the computer.  It can be found on the Mac side of the computers in the Media Center. DISCLAIMER! This should only be used for the use of making short clips in which to make commentary directly related to your course work.  This same method can be used to pull clips from YouTube by omitting step 1.

  1. After, inserting the DVD you will need to quit the DVD player application, then search for the VLC app.  From the File menu choose Open Disc…  Click the Open Button.
  2. Locate the scene you want to use and pause the video.  Make sure to leave a buffer zone before the section you want it can be trimmed down later.  Search for the Snapz app.  Note: after opening Snapz the first time it can be activated in the future by pressing command + shift + 5.
  3. Choose Movie… Change the frame rate from 15 to 29. Uncheck cursor visible. Use the cross hairs tool to draw a selection around the video.
  4. Press return on the keyboard to start recording, then press play on VLC.  When you’ve got the portion you want press command + shift + 5 to stop the recording. Click the Save Now button. If you made a mistake you can also use the Move to Trash button and start over.
  5. The video will open in QuickTime Player when it finishes processing. From the Edit menu select Trim. Use the yellow handle bars on each side to trim off the ends and select just the section you want. Then Click the Trim button. When you are done close the window and QuickTime will prompt you to save. Name it, select where to save and click Save.
Video Menu, Snapshot

Create Film Stills using VLC

VLC is a free video player that anyone can download. It is also installed on most computers on campus.

If the computer you are using doesn’t have a DVD drive, one can be borrowed from the media center.

  1. On a Mac after, inserting the DVD you will need to quit the DVD player application, then search for the VLC app. From the File menu choose Open Disc…  Click the Open Button.
    In Windows, choose VLC to open the disc when prompted.
  2. Locate the scene you want to use and pause the video. Under the video menu select snapshot.
  3. Locate the file in your pictures folder.


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Music Walk First Friday

The Media Center and Makery will be at the October 2nd Music Walk/Discover Downtown First Friday.  Using Media Center equipment to DJ music and showing you how to use circuits to make your own music. Stop by and say hi to MC Assistants Greg, Purti, and Kerin.

Greg is tinkering with Little Bits

Greg is tinkering with Little Bits to create custom instruments to play with when we are at Carlisle’s First Friday Music Walk downtown October 2nd.

Reply All Exploder

Reply all exploder

Podcast, Music, and technology, the latest reply all podcast is a combination of things we like. Reply all is a podcast all about the internet and this week they highlighted Song Exploder a podcast the examines the technical aspects of how music is created and the artist’s process.

Also,look for us at the October 2nd First Friday Music Walk where we will be DJing and showing you how to make your own music.

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Farm Frolics and Student Activities

We had a fantastic time Farm Frolics at the Dickinson College Farm this weekend. Our MC Assistants, Greg, Edwin and Devlynn taught students how to make tiny, vibrating robots out of toothbrushes, paper flash lights, created a solar powered spin art machine using snap circuits, old CDs and colored sharpies. Thanks for getting us out of the basement and letting us play under the lovely sun on the farm. Our staff and creations are showcased well in this video!

And on Sunday Sai and Bedurdin showed off our VHS foosball table at student activities night.

Farm Frolics Table Farm Frolics Table Student Activites NIght VHS Foosball

Screen Shot    at

Delphine Dall’Agata highlights sustainability in Málaga


Zoom H1 Audio Recorder


The H1 can record as wav or mp3. Excellent as a stand alone recorder or in conjunction with a lavalier (lapel) microphone. The tripod mount on the back allows for it to be used with a GorillaPod (mini tripod) to elevate it off the table.



  • 16GB microSD card
  • 1Full (based on indicator) AA battery


  • miniUSB to USB cable
  • microSD card adapter
  • bag
  • headphones


  • Olympus WMA audio recorder
  • Olympus WMA or MP3 audio recorder

Use Guides

Here are a couple the basic operations of the device to access the entire manual click here.


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Education to Action: The Dickinson Climate Story

Justin McCarty ’15 put together a short film recapping the Dickinson College COP20 delegation and climate mosaic.

Also, check out the behind the scenes video by Jessica Poteet ’15

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Dickinson Makes March

Collage of locations This month we rolled out our Dickinson Makes initiative.  To helps us spread the word please use #dsonmakes hashtag on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook when ever you are harnessing the maker spirit. Show us how you Make.

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Policy Management Seminar Non-Profit Videos

Professor Jim Hoefler’s Policy Management Seminar course continued its history of supporting local non-profits by creating videos that help them spread their message.  Check out the videos from last semester as well previous ones.


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