Month: August 2012

Digital Audio Recorder

Looking for quality audio recording that isn’t a hassle to carry around? ┬áThe digital audio recorder is the perfect device for doing interviews and getting quick easy audio clips with its small size and incredibly intuitive design. We have several models, all of which are simple to use with their built in microphones and easy-to-use USB connection.

Popper Stopper

Popper Stoppers are the perfect choice for someone looking to record something with vocal mics that doesn’t want a nasty “woooosshhh” sound from the air caught in with the audio. Popper stoppers prevent air noise while recording with vocal mics. Check one out with your other audio equipment to get a more professional recording.


Desktop Microphone Stand

If you’re sitting down at a desk working on a project it’s hard to fit the mic stand onto the desk and effectively use it. That’s what the desktop mic stand is for: a compact-size base to mount your mic on, especially useful for recording in the podcast nooks.

Microphone Stand

Admit it – at some point in your life you’ve wanted to grab a mic on a stand and swing it back like Freddy Mercury belting out some incredible notes. We might not be able to provide you with the heaven-sent voice to belt those high Cs but we do have the microphone stands to make you feel like a rockstar or, more practically, so you don’t have to stand there holding a vocal or instrumental mic as you’re recording! Especially useful when working in our vocal recording booth.



Lavalier (Lapel) Microphone

Get your film project underway with the right audio equipment! Lavalier microphones are designed to attach to a person’s lapel, allowing for hands-free and non-intrusive audio pickup. These are great to use for filming, interviews, or certain presentation situations. We have microphones with both standard audio and XLR connections.

Sony ECM-44B Lav Mic

Studio gets a touch up

The studio got a little touch up today the back wall was painted a nice rich grey to make for a better video background and less of a contrast from the Dickinson backdrop. Also, earlier in the summer we mounted two new LED lights as well. So whether you recording a show for DSON TV, a project for YouTube, or interview with faculty the studio is all set for the fall semester.

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