I thought I’d do a quick write up on this topic as anyone interested in gaming should be a little alarmed when the hear the prospect of Apple dominating the gaming market. Not necessarily alarmed in a bad way, but at the very least surprised. No matter how small Apple might have considered the “PC Gamer” market, they did historically suffer loss of sales to anyone interested in using their computer for both general (email, web-browsing, word-docs, etc.) purposes, as well as gaming purposes. Macs simply did not support high end gaming. This might not exactly be changing, but gaming itself has certainly changed with a move away from PCs and to consoles. And soon, it might not even be consoles that are dominating gaming, it might be apps. Just look on the iPhone, millions of apps are sold each year through the iPhone to promote cheap, quick, simple games that people love playing. Are these anywhere as artful or deep as certain “classics” like Starcraft? Absolutely not. But they’re dominating a market of gamers interested in playing incredibly casual games for 20-30 minutes at a time on their iPhone and then putting said game down. The hardcores might not like it, but Apple has a strategy and it’s likely to work. Read the article below for a more in depth summary and share your thoughts, do you like this sort of project? Do you think this is the future of gaming by and large, or will “hardcores” still create enough of a market to develop more expensive and more in depth games for?