One thing that we like to continually stress down at the Media Center is that while professors may assign those podcast projects that make you feel like your head will explode, we’re more than just a place for work. One of the areas Todd Bryant has helped us tread forward in is gaming. Todd thought that one way students interested in learning another language could immerse themselves in an enjoyable way would be to play story heavy games where the dialogue would be rich enough to enhance a speaker’s vocabulary, reading, and comprehension of a language while they kicked back and enjoyed their time. To make this idea become a reality, the Media Center got some of the latest and most critically reviewed titles ranging from Skyrim, Bioshock, Dishonored, Uncharted (1-3) and more. We have a PS3, a Wii, and an Xbox, so if you’re interested in doing some aerobics, we do have WiiSports, WiiFit, and Xbox Kinect Adventures to get the blood pumping. Of course most titles also come equipped with English settings if the dialogue stumps you or you just want to kick back for a little and enjoy life without being reminded of your dreaded 8:30 A.M. Spanish class. Either way, we have the games for you; come by the Equipment Room and ask the student worker to get you set up with whatever it is you’d like to play!

Special thanks to Dickinson student Sam Kelly for the letting us use one of his techno pieces in this video (The 2nd song).