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Old Tech, New Twist

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Today at the media center we’ve been playing with a new Pick Punch!  We’re recycling old media storage devices, cards, and CDs to make guitar picks sustainably from unused pieces of hardware.  Want a guitar pick with your face on it? Bring an old ID down here and punch out a pick!  We’re always trying to come up with new ideas about how to use our equipment creatively, so come try your hand at making something new, original, and sustainable at the Media Center in the basement of Bosler!  Also, come check out our upcoming event, the Media Exposé on Saturday, April 26!  If you want to submit art to show for the Exposé, hurry! It’s past the deadline but we’re still accepting submissions!

Media Center Exposé

On Saturday, April 26, the media center will be hosting an event to let students share art and music of any form.  Music, paintings, digital art, films, and any other artistic creations are welcome!  We here at the media center are want to help connect students, provide a small informal art show, and introduce new students to some of the artistic and creative resources that are available on campus.   We are still accepting submissions and would love to have your art featured at the exposé!  For a submission form or more information, visit the media center facebook page or just stop by the media center!  Come have fun and enjoy the artwork and creative expression of your fellow students!  The event starts at 7!

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The Media Center is happy to introduce it’s newest piece of equipment; A Teleprompter!  The teleprompter will make it much easier for students and professors to work on video projects involving tough or long scripts, without needing to look away from the camera to check a paper copy of the script.  Using the free web site, you are able to paste a script and set a scroll speed for the teleprompter, making it useful for any size script being dictated at any speed!  Any students or professors who want to work with this piece of equipment are welcome to, it is available for normal check-outs and reservations.  Here are a couple of pictures of the teleprompter in action!

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