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New paint could change the way we see college.

This new paint called IdeaPaint can transform almost any smooth surfaces into drawable boards!

It could drastically change the way we experience classes and campus life!
You could replace all the erasable boards in campus with just a couple gallons of this paint and even use it in dorms, hallways and public areas like the cafeteria.

Here is a note by “Gizmag”:

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Just think about the creative possibilities !

Amazing NextGen graphic technologies for gaming and 3d productions.

It is unbelievable how fast the graphic media evolves. New methods used to create more and more realistic 3D models and environments are coming up nonstop.

These are some of the new technologies that will allow the graphic quality of games and movies to surpass their current level.

5 years ago, the graphic quality we have today would have been imposible to achieve… I wonder what we will have 5 years from now !

Here is the original note, provided by IGN:

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