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About Me – David

When I was younger, I played Mario Kart with my brothers, Dylan and Daniel. Picture this: a cold basement, three gaming chairs, a 32-inch CRT television (remember those days?), and a coffee table with a liter of Mountain Dew and a bag of Doritos. To be honest with you, I learned two things that dreary, fall day:

1.) I will always come up with some excuse as to why I lost a game of Mario Kart

2.) I love video games and all things media-related

Flash Forward years later, and my passion and appreciation for video games – and media in general – has only proliferated. I am grateful to be working as a Media Center Assistant at Dickinson College. Currently a junior, I am an English major with a minor in Film Studies and Music – which encompasses all of my passions.

When I’m not working in the Media Center, you can most likely find me doing work in the Biblio or attempting to sing Phantom of the Opera in the halls of Weiss. If you ever need help with anything media-related, please let me know! You can reach me at

Game on, my friends!

About Me- Tom Powars

Name: Tom Powars

Major: Physics (engineering concentration)

I grew up in Northern Virginia for my entire childhood, even though most of my family lives in Canada and parts of Florida.

I enjoy being outside and music, and am an amateur tech geek and new innovations follower. One day I would like ti participate in a mission to Mars.

Aditi – About Me


I am Aditi Joshi, a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics at Dickinson College. I am currently a junior who is very interested in web/android development. During my free time, I work on independent web/android development projects, and write blog articles for the same to help other developers. I also like traveling around and meeting new people. And yes, I speak in four different languages.

Please feel free to contact me at

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About me – Alice

My name is Alice Kuklina, and I am a sophomore who likes to nerd out about Neurosciences and art (surprise surprise, I major in both!).
I really like working within the media arts field and learn about various editing software. I have worked with Photoshop for the past 7 years, and final-cut pro/imovie for 4 years. I also have basic understanding and experience with Adobe Illustrator, Flash, and Dreamweaver, so if you have any questions about those programs don’t hesitate to hit me up via email or while I am in media lab. My goals for this year is to get acknowledged with adobe After Effects, and Adobe InDesign, and I hope to know how to use all of the adobe programs by the time I graduate.
Here is my email:
I don’t really know what else I can add, so here is a doodle I drew of myself

Thanks for reading!

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