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The Media Center is happy to introduce it’s newest piece of equipment; A Teleprompter!  The teleprompter will make it much easier for students and professors to work on video projects involving tough or long scripts, without needing to look away from the camera to check a paper copy of the script.  Using the free web site, you are able to paste a script and set a scroll speed for the teleprompter, making it useful for any size script being dictated at any speed!  Any students or professors who want to work with this piece of equipment are welcome to, it is available for normal check-outs and reservations.  Here are a couple of pictures of the teleprompter in action!


Multipurpose Audio Recorder

The Multipurpose Audio Recorder is a great solution for recording from multiple inputs. Additionally  it also functions as a PA system, allowing you to use it to boost audio for a performance or presentation.

Canon HF R

SDHC Video Cameras

Canon HF R10

The Dickinson College Media Center has a number of SDHC cameras in a few similar models that can be used for high quality digital video filming. They are all equipped with touch screen interfaces with a variety of settings, and can easily be mounted on tripods or used with our various microphones and headphones.


GoPro Cameras

The Media Center now has GoPro cameras! The GoPro Hero and Hero 3 are compact digital cameras that shoot wide angle video, which makes it great for outdoor use. They also come with a water resistant case and can be used with a variety of mounts and tripods.


XY Mic Video Camera

The XY Mic Video Camera is similar to the Flip cameras that are frequently used by students, but with far superior audio. So if you’re planning on shooting a video that has a strong emphasis on sound, this might be the one for you. We have two Q3HD Zooms available now, so come check them out.


Filter Holder and Filter Pack

The filter holder and filter pack are used to filter certain light spectrum to create colored lighting for filming or photography purposes.


USB Flat Microphone

This flat microphone uses a USB connection and can easily lay flat on a table. It also picks up audio in a wide range, making it great for recording a group of people in a room or for conference calls – with its USB connection it works great with Skype.


Dual Input Source Cable

These dual-input cables are for use with our SDHC cameras.


Dolly and Track

For anyone interested in shooting a scene with a steady base to move a camera, we have a dolly to mount a tripod and camera as well as a good 10+ feet of PVC pipe to slide it alone and keep a smooth moving shot.

Way Audio Splitter

Three-Way Audio Splitter

Whether you’re working on a big recording project or simply want to share the track you’re listening to with friends, an Audio Splitter will go a long way in making that easy and comfortable for all of you. This 3 Way Audio Splitter will let you share any sound with up to two other people at the same time.

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