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When first brainstorming my ideas for my class blog I was torn about what to focus on. In high school I created a blog all about my experiences with the college search process. I thought about continuing this on with my new perspective having doing some work with the admissions office at Dickinson. However, at the end of the day this idea left me pretty uninspired. So back to the drawing board I went. I considered what kind of blog I would want to read and my mind automatically turned to HONY. The field of photojournalist blogs fascinates me. Personally, as a blog reader, I always feel overwhelmed when a blog has too much text. I envision my blog to be a spin-off of Humans of New York but in the setting of Dickinson. While this school does have a close-knit community, this closeness brings with it cliques and stereotypes. I want this blog to be space to celebrate individuality and to break down some of these stereotypes. Growing up with two parents as photographers, being behind the lens is a place I have always been comfortable and curious. This blog would be a fun and inspiring way to get back into photography. I plan on using only disposable cameras for this project because I love their genuine quality. They come with a sense of mystery; you know never when a sun flare or two will make an appearance. I appreciate that there is no room for editing or manipulation of images. It will help to capture an honest portrait of those featured on my blog. So as not to directly copy Humans of New York, I will also write posts about my experiences of going up to people and asking them personal questions. I am really excited for this portion of the project and will hope to develop a set of questions that will stir up some good personal stories.

Humans of New York:

This a photojournalist blog that is primarily image based. Although there are many colors and images to focus on, it somehow still looks clearly laid out. There is a small amount of text on the website and none of it is personal to the blogger himself, which makes it unique. By placing the text under the images (instead of above or side-by-side) the images stand out on their own and are further enhanced by the text. I like that you see the image first and read the text second, it adds a sense of mystique. There are six categories on the header of the webpage that you can click on. These have a layout that is again very focused and user-friendly. I like that there is an archive feature so that you can search back to see how the project began. The blog page is also linked to Facebook, which allows the readership to increase.

Picture 5

Humans of New York. 2013. Web. 15 Sep. 2013.


CollegeFashionista is another image heavy blog. Although I am not planning on focusing on fashion for my class project, it will be an entity of my blog. CollegeFashionista is interesting because it takes content from a slew of bloggers who each go to different colleges. This allows the photographs and the text posts about fashion to each have their own style and voice. Some of sassier than others while some are more informative and straightforward. This is a blog that appeals to a lot of different readers and also relies on reader-participation to thrive.

Picture 4

CollegeFashionista. 2013. Web. 15 Sep. 2013.

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5 Responses to Humans of Dickinson

  1. mindofmax says:

    Your idea of using only disposable cameras is very creative, and I think it will serve your goal of being true to the Dickinson community. Do you have any ideas for how to make this blog more inclusive for the Dickinson community? If all Dickinson students were able to comment and share your posts it would be very cool. I like your layout ideas, since I too enjoy visual heavy media. Would there be a way to also involve the admissions office so prospective Dickinson students could learn about the diverse and interesting lives our students lead?

  2. ariasp says:

    This blog idea is great! Given the wide variety of cliques that are here their is a lot you can say about any of the people you encounter. I also find using a disposable camera as a very unique idea considering everything nowadays is digital. However, the only question I have is what kind of questions do you plan to ask these people you encounter? I understand you want to demonstrate the different stereotypes Dickinson students have to offer, but what types of questions do you plan to ask these people in order to them engage in sharing their life stories?

  3. burtonem says:

    I love this idea. It would definitely be a blog that many of the students here would want to follow. The fact that you are staying within a specific community will draw a lot of appeal, and using a disposable camera will also give the blog a more organic feel. Will you have set questions you will ask all the “Humans”? Or will they vary person to person? How often will you post an interview? Will you have enough time to dedicate to this project on a weekly basis? These are questions I would consider before getting started on your blog. Can’t wait for the final product!

  4. Nasir Ellis says:

    I think this idea is awesome and seems like you will be able capture a very unique aspect of student life at Dickinson. We don’t have anyone who captures the many stories that can be documented on the various spaces on campus. Maybe you should even try getting mini interviews with the people you photograph! It would be to have mini documentary style videos about the people with interesting stories to share.

  5. karkis says:

    This project would be great to capture the life of students and faculty in the school. And Nasir’s idea of presenting a short story on your subjects would add more substance your blog. I’ll be looking forward to see the photographs in your blog.

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