Just Ordinary People

The blog I intend on creating for class was partly inspired by my own anxieties and future career path in the entertainment field. I want to become a television personality/host and so much of my interests (professionally) lie in celebrity news, fashion, music, etc. One of the realities of what I want to do professionally is that I will have to sacrifice one of the life’s most sacred things, privacy.

It is inevitable that I will enter into this world and has always been my goal to help society (friends, family, etc.) understand the fact that celebrities are normal, everyday people. They experience many of the same struggles, trials, and hardships that everyone else does. However, I think that people often forget that and that is why I want to create a blog called “Just Ordinary People”. The goal of the blog is to remove celebrities off of the critical pedestals fans often hold them up to and make them more relatable/human.

How will this work? I will be paying close attention to celebrity’s news (as I already do) to find incidents in which a celebrity is being criticized for a personal choice. I will then do one of two things. Either interview someone who has done or experienced something similar in their life and get the back story to get the details. Or I will use my creative mind to come up with my own story but readers will basically be reading a narrative about a specific occurrence in a mystery person’s life. They will not know who the person is until they reach the end of the story which is when they ultimately realize what celebrity story mirrors the one being told. Hopefully through this I will be able to help bring light to the more humane side of celebrities.

The two blogs I frequently read for celebrity news are:

TheYBF is an online celebrity news, fashion, and music blog which was founded in 2005. The site is managed by Natasha Eubanks who originally created it because she saw a lack of gossip sites that focused on African Americans. Therefore, It primarily focuses on the happenings amongst the African American figures in Hollywood and does an amazing job at giving the reader a well rounded story. In addition to that, the voice she delivers her content in is so down to earth, straightforward, and relatable that it keeps the reader coming back.

NecoleBitchie is an online blog that focuses and features celebrity news and interviews. Necole Kane started the website in 2009 and is currently the sole author of its content. This blog in particular inspires my interest because of Necole’s ability to be so up close and personal with the celebrity world. Through her posts readers are able to gain a better understanding of individual celebrities and can find common ground. The layout she has is very attractive and gives me the feeling that I am apart of a secret society of celebrity gossip.



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  1. Hope Boyer says:

    I really love this idea for a number of reasons. First, I do not know of any blogs that do this. Therefore, this is a totally unique and fresh spin to celebrity drama. I like how this blog would bridge the gap between celebrities and normal people and deconstruct this notion that celebrities are flawless or mythical creatures, because let’s face it- they arent. Maybe some things you could do is incorporate videos from youtube that inform the reader of the background of your post and then elaborate on that. I cant wait to see what you do with this blog!

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