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People today are so caught up doing what they are told to do that they fail to even realize what they, as individuals want. We are not meant to live our lives as the humanoids that we have become today. Most of us rarely get the chance to explore the vast possibilities of this world and are almost forced into doing what everyone else around them is doing. The main focus of my project is to encourage people to question everything around them, discover what it is that they want out of their lives and inspire them to actively pursue it. Through the vast array of media, we are continuously bombarded by information and most people tend to believe all that we are told without ever exploring the issues. We have lost the knack of questioning and exploring what we come across and finding out the truth for ourselves. In other words, most of us have stopped forming opinions of our own which forms a large part of our experience as the intellectual beings that we are.

Through the writings on my blog, I want to inspire people to discover what it is that they want from their lives. Not only that, I also hope to propel those who already know what they want, to actually pursue it because most people who know what they want are often deterred from following their dreams just because what they want is unconventional, or not ‘normal’ or just difficult. I want people to realize that there is nothing that we as humans are not capable of achieving, as individuals and as mankind as a whole. Most people tend to believe that they are powerless against the circumstances they come across. I intend to spread the message to my readers that this is an illusion. We are capable of achieving anything and everything if we put our minds to it.

As the blog works around the ideas of change, collective as well as individual development, and bettering the lives of oneself and of others, I intend on starting a section where once every 3 months or so, I will present a story of people from some part of the world who could benefit greatly from any sort of help, and carry out fund raising either online or outside of the internet. The planning for the first of these projects is already underway and will be on the blog soon. Aside from these posts and projects, the blog will also feature some of my works in photography. So the website will be divided into three sections: Blog posts, philanthropy and photography. The three will be working in tandem towards the goal of the project – inspire people, raise awareness amongst the people about the world around them, and bring positive changes around us no matter how big or small it might be. The articles on the blog will have links to connecting sources within and outside the blog to allow people to further explore the subject matter of the articles. As for the design and layout, I intend to keep it easy on the eyes and keep colors to a minimal apart from the images in the blog.

Below I have listed a couple of blogs that share similar goals to those of my own and work on related subjects.

Martino, Joe. Web log. Collective Evolution. N.p., 2009. Web. 15 Sept. 2013 < >

Collective Evolution is a website/blog whose mission is to raise awareness amongst the people about things that are going on around us and have significant impacts on our lives but most people aren’t really aware of and how they affect our own lives. The blog covers a wide variety of subjects from politics, to medical science, environmental issues and industries among others.

Author. Web log. The Healers Journal. N.p., 2011. Web. 15 Sept. 2013 < >

The Healers Journal is a blog that focuses on how people can best empower their minds towards achieving their goals and bringing change. It takes a look at how our minds function through various perspectives of psychology, quantum physics, and spirituality and how we can direct our lives through greater consciousness and a better understanding of our minds.

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  1. E.P. King says:

    This sounds like a cool idea and I like the idea of creating a blog that looks at thought and thinking in a different way, while encouraging people to “think different” (to borrow a well known catchphrase). I do think that this is a rather broad topic though, is there perhaps a niche you could grab onto within this?

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