Let’s change things up

One of the least known facts about me is that I love change. I can’t exactly explain why it is that I love change, but I find myself actively searching for it in every aspect of my life. I am happiest when a new year rolls around, the leaves start to fall, and even just when a new day begins. This attraction to change may have started when I was young, but as I grew up moving from state to state, boarding school to college, and traveling the world from Korea to Italy to Australia, I knew that change was in my nature.

This concept of change might seem broad and arbitrary to some, but it is one that I intend to incorporate into every aspect of my blog. I find myself constantly searching the web for fresh ideas and content of music, current events, fashion, or random articles that make me laugh on a dreary Monday morning. My thought idea now is to pull everything from social media, politics, entertainment and more into one blog that summarizes the changes going on the in world, and how it applies to us as college students, some (like myself) that are about to go through an extreme life-changing moment…graduation.

As an Environmental Studies major and an enthusiast of change, it might come as no surprise that when people ask me what I plan to do after graduation, I simply say that I want to change the world. This might sound extreme, but I truly believe that my generation will have a huge role in changing policies, media, and our perspective on real world issues. Though I intend to post almost every day on different topics, I would like to have a day of the week where I dedicate my posts to a movement of change, whether it be environmental, political, or social movements. I want my blog to be equal parts fun and inspiring, so that people will want to make changes in their own lives long after they finish reading my blog.

Some sweet blogs that are my inspiration for this project:

Fat Mum Slim. http://fatmumslim.com.au. 2013. Web. 15 Sep. 2013

Fat Mum Slim writes about her experiences as a mother who is constantly moving around and trying new things. Her layout is fresh and fun and very user friendly. She writes about almost everything, which gives her blog a great deal of variety. I want to have a similar layout for my blog.

Wattsupwithtthat. http://wattsupwiththat.com. 2013. Web. 15 Sep. 2013.

This blog makes good use of information on environmental matters and climate change. It is the most read environmental blog in the world, so it is clearly very successful at taking information and reaching a large audience. I want to follow their style of writing and make mine as equally informative.

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