Playlist #2: Nine bands you’ve never heard of.



Track List:

Tracks – Trapper Schoepp & The Shades

Trapper Schoepp & The Shades came to me as a recommendation by my younger brother, and am I ever glad that he showed me this band. “Tracks” is a song featuring the perfect blend of a classic rock-and-roll feel and contemporary folk elements. I’ll put it like this: you will hear a guitar solo followed by a  fiddle solo. 

This song had me addicted for a solid 2 weeks. The perfectly catchy chorus, crystal-clear vocals, and rollicking beat absolutely begs to be put on repeat. Not to mention that “Tracks” features a line about my hometown Milwaukee! 

All of the People – Panama Wedding

I would classify “All of the People” as my perfect pump-up song. This was the song I blasted in my room before that hard Econ exam, that intense workout, and that nerve-wracking first date. Need a bad-vibe releaser? PLAY. THIS. SONG. Need energy or confidence? PLAY. THIS. SONG. Need a little bit of fun? PLAY. THIS. SONG. Yes, it is more effective you blast it. Go ahead, dance. You deserve it!

The infectious and upbeat indie-pop vibe will definitely leave you in a better mood, ease your anxiety, and have you ready to go out there and own the day.

I Will Wait For You (Everybody Wants To Be A Cowboy) – Lowing

Clocking in at only 2:31 seconds of length, “I Will Wait For You (Everybody Wants To Be A Cowboy)” is a short but definitely sweet song (even though I still don’t know what cowboys have to do with it). This song is a simple, gentle gem that will have you whistling along and quietly tapping your foot. It begins with a quiet guitar melody and the song subtly builds as layers are added (clapping, whistling, strumming, a drumbeat). A lot of magic can happen in 2.5 minutes.

Moscow – Autoheart

To be quite honest, I think “Moscow” is currently my favorite song. I discovered this treasure in September and I have yet to get sick of hearing it. “Moscow” features catchy, clean, smile-inducing indie-rock that will have you by the hair in the best way possible. Piano, guitar, kickdrums and the some of the most lovable and original lyrics I’ve ever heard (eg:”Let’s get a dog, an Irish Red Setter, it’s all we need to get better”). I cannot help but gush. Just listen and fall in love. 

The Lucky Ones – Tim Myers

Another song that will turn your frown upside down and your grey skies blue. I can’t think of a way to describe this song besides simply happy. We are truly the lucky ones. 

Stay – Astronaut Husband

Relax and breathe. Time to play “Stay” and sip on a nice hot tea. Think. Breathe. Think about what a weird band name this is for such a beautiful song. Would I want an astronaut husband? I don’t know… hm…

Let the acoustic softness and gentle vocals take you to an easier place. Look at the falling leaves. Do as the song says and “Take your time.”

Love & the Movies – Midi Matilda

At the intersection of synth-pop and indie-rock, you will find Midi Matilda.“Love & the Movies” came into my life by total serendipity. I was walking away after helping at a college radio event, and I heard this unknown song playing on the speakers. I whipped out my phone to Shazam it. It didn’t work. So I ran back and interrogated my fellow DJs until they found the CD it belonged to. Victorious. The effort was well worth it. 

The Way We Move – Langhorne Slim & The Law

I saw Langhorne Slim & The Law live last year opening for Grace Potter. They were SO GOOD that I didn’t even feel like staying for the headline show. “The Way We Move” exemplifies the essence of Langhorne Slim: rip-roaring, organic, shameless folk rock. Even though we had no idea who Langhorne Slim was at the time, I remember my friend and I getting up and dancing like it was the main event. 

Danger – Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside

Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside has an awesome retro feel. I’m in love with Sallie’s unique yet classic -sounding voice. My theory: a catchy bass line, a tambourine, and an infectious melody walked into a swing dance club and this song was born.

Hi listeners,

I hope you have all been well. This week’s playlist features nine bands/artists you have probably never heard of, and in saying that I hope I don’t sound like the ultimate hipster music snob. Anyways, I’m really excited to know what you think of these talented acts that deserve more attention.



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