Outdoor Potential

Why did you decide to go to Dickinson? While there are many fantastic reasons, few people I have met said they came for the nature around Carlisle. I know that before I came here I thought rolling cornfields was all the area had to offer. Now that I have been here for two years, and have started writing this blog I am interested in what prospective students think of this area. I decided to talk to my friend Harry, a senior from Massachusetts who is interested in coming to Dickinson and also shares my love for the outdoors.

Max: What are your first thoughts on Carlisle and Pennsylvania in general?

Harry: It’s definitely a nice town, a little bit bigger than where I grew up. My dad and I drove to Carlisle on a little side road that felt like a roller coaster, so that was fun.  I saw a lot of small farms, and I know Dickinson buys products from many small farmers, so that’s pretty interesting.

Max: Is sustainability a big part of your life?

Harry: It should be, and I think it will become a bigger part.

Max: What kind of outdoor activities do you see yourself doing at Dickinson?

Harry: Definitely camping, that’s always fun, and even better when it’s with friends and no adults.  I also want to be able to simply relax in the woods if I’ve got some free time.

Max: There are some fantastic spots for camping in the area.  My friends and I were able to camp overnight for free in some of the most beautiful, isolated woods I’ve ever been to. There were excellent rock climbing boulders and birch trees for slack lining.

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 5.31.20 PM

Don’t be fooled, I fell instantly

If you’re looking to get into the woods for less than an hour there are some wooded paths around D-Park and in the center of Carlisle, you just have to look closely. Have you heard anything about Dickinson’s Outing Club and possible orientation trips?

Harry: I know some schools like Colby and Colgate offer orientation trips, but honestly I hadn’t heard of Dickinson offering any.

Max: Yeah me neither until a few weeks ago, I think it’s still very preliminary, but that seems to be the direction the college is heading.  These trips will be incredible bonding experiences, and show you some of what Pennsylvania has to offer.

Clearly many students, both prospective and current, have immense interest in the outdoors.  The outing club is one of the largest on campus, and much of the school is focused on preserving the environment.  Students need to be made more aware of Dickinson’s outdoor potential.


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