What I Wore…and Ate

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As I was home for my winter break, the majority of my time was spent eating and catching up with friends. What better way to catch up with high school friends that you haven’t seen since November, or even August by grabbing a nice bite to eat at your favorite local restaurant.

I met up with three friends in the middle of the week at a cute little French restaurant called Le Pain Quotidien (and no I have no idea how to properly pronounce Quotidien). It’s definitely one of my favorite go to places for breakfast, brunch, or lunch. They have an assortment of plates, from a quinoa quiche, to their signature tartines (an open-faces sandwich served with an array of toppings). I met up with my two friends for brunch so as one of my friends got French toast, and my other friend got a warm Belgian waffle; I went with the organic steel-cut oatmeal. It contained pecan nuts, brown sugar and chopped up bananas. It’s nothing special to order but with the polar vortex hitting New York when I was home, I was really feeling a warm and cozy meal. I mean the whole atmosphere of Le Pan (yes I gave it a nickname) is warm and cozy. The tables and chairs, and well the entire restaurant is wooden, giving a cabin -esque feel but not western, yet more Parisian, including this chain restaurant originated in France.

With all this eating though and meeting up with friends, I needed the proper attire to wear; because you never know whom else you might run into. I went with a cozy Zara sweater. I find that sweaters are so simple and easy to throw on, yet perfect to wear when catching up with friends when eating out. To go along with the Zara sweater, which was a mix of blues and whites woven together, I threw on a pair of blue jeans and my tan Frye boots and was ready to go. But before I went, because I mean this was in the middle of the polar vortex, I threw on my new Urban Outfitters Beanie. I’m not one to usually wear hats even if it’s freezing outside, but ever since I’ve purchased this beanie, I’ve been wearing it non-stop. And if you’re looking for other colors and patterns of beanies, Urban definitely has a great selection of cozy hats for you to strut and wear around this winter season!

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