Hello, Sunshine.

I will be designing a blog entitled “Hello, Sunshine.” Cheesy? Maybe, but hear me out.

Think of that one thing that turns your bad day good or that makes you feel a little more sane in this always-hectic world. My answer: Running. It’s freeing, exhilarating, and just simply makes me smile from ear to ear.


“Hello, Sunshine.” will be my way to share my running experiences with the world. Whether it be a post about all the thoughts that go through my head on a run (to wave or not to wave at the runner coming towards me is the big question) or just a simple post about my run that day, I hope that my blog provides easily relatable, goofy, and riveting material.

The content of by blog will include a variety of topics all centered on running. Exact topics and ideas are still in the making and subject to chance, but, in the here and now, my ideas are as follows:

  • I have run a 10k in every place I have traveled—Denmark, Wyoming, good ole’ Carlisle, etc. I hope to create a few posts sharing these experiences by including pictures and text of each run, the people I passed, the views I saw, and the animals that made me turn around running. Once I have a few posts about this I hope to create a tab for posts that fall under this category.
  • Dickinson College Run for Steph
  • My injury story: 1. Knowing your body and the difference between being sore and in pain 2. Getting back into running after my injury
  • Stretching and yoga
  • Food—Every runner needs fuel. I plan to share some of my favorite snacks and noms.
  • A list of my favorite running applications and why

Visually, I plan to keep this blog simple – easily navigable and not too cluttered. I am envisioning a layout similar to the blogs Brit + Co and Q by Equinox with boxed pictures and bolded titles to show blog posts. I will be incorporating some tabs into my blog to provide organized navigation as well as a “contact me” section.

I hope to gain a following from the running world; however, I would also like to make my blog something at others might enjoy as well. I think that my 10k travel stories, while centered around running, might be enjoyed by other travelers and hikers.

Through this blog, I hope I give readers a glimpse into “my happy hour” in running shoes.

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