Runway to Reality

I am going to do a fashion blog on how very high end; designer clothing eventually makes its way to the chain store, inexpensive brands and influences how everyday people dress.  I am planning on titling my blog: Runway to Reality.



(photo taken from

I am going to be concentrating a lot of my blog space on high quality photos taken from fashion websites, magazines, media outlets etc.  I definitely want to maintain a minimalistic aesthetic since my personal style reflects classicality and simplicity.  I do not want any distracting, bright or busy fonts, but at the same time, I do not want my blog to be boring and void of color.

I really like and how they have laid out their web page.  It is a little crowded for my taste once you scroll past the top stories picture slideshow but I do like the color scheme and overall appearance.  The Cut is not strictly a fashion blog because they do beauty and lifestyle but I do like a lot of the topics they write about.  Every article seems to have a definite purpose to it.  I want to mimic this sense of purpose when I sit down to start my own blog.

Another great blog is because of her classic and simple approach to fashion and beauty blogging.  She has an extremely easy to navigate home page with great, high quality images and sample texts from each post.  As I imagine my blog, I picture it being very similar to Olivia Palermo’s in terms of the vibe she gives as well as the clean cut aesthetic. is an awesome fashion blog because it’s a normal person who isn’t afraid of writing about days where yoga pants are definitely more comfortable than a blazer and a skirt.  She doesn’t restrict herself to just writing about high fashion.  I really like her blog because there are no ads (which bother me a lot and I find very distracting), as well as the fact that she has the most simple layout and design of all the blogs I’ve mentioned.

I would like to include YouTube videos of runway shows where my blog post is dedicated to critiquing and analyzing designer’s collections.  Another idea I had is to do a style steal section where I would take outfits from the high fashion runway and find the same look for a much cheaper price.  The final idea I have is to be very aware of trends in multiple designers’ collections and see if I can find any students on campus that are wearing something similar.

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