Wake Up America

After much thought and debate within my mind, I decided I will focus my personal blog on politics and international affairs. When I say politics, I do not mean the debates between the Republicans and Democrats, but mainly on the alarming development of ISIS in the Middle East and how the United States government continues to react to the threats of this group. I chose this topic because during my internship in Washington D.C., I was exposed to a lot of discussion concerning the issue and was something that has really intrigued me. Although I heard discussions and saw events happen first hand behind the closed doors of our government, at the end of the day I was still an intern and at the bottom of the ranks. That being said, I am taking this as a chance to get a lot of thoughts off my chest and develop these thoughts into a blog someone would enjoy reading.


If you look at some blogs on politics, you will probably notice that many of them are boring and do not look very appealing. Yes, they can make some interesting points, but who really wants to sit and read someone rambling about their views on politics. Some blogs I have always looked at are Bleacher Report and Buzzfeed, which have a completely different feel to them. The blogs are fun to read not because they are not about politics, but they both have a personality and humor that attracts readers and makes their blogs fun to read. They have attractive pictures and titles that just scream, “Read me!”


I have noticed that a great amount of blogs focusing on politics lack the personality and humor that blogs such as Buzzfeed and Bleacher Report have, which ultimately pushes many from staying politically engaged. After talking with people my age, I have acknowledged that a vast majority of people my age do not care about politics or do not even know what ISIS is because they see politics as dry and boring. Rarely do I see people post on social media about their concerns with our government or international affairs. My goal with this blog is to create a fun and more attractive way to engage in politics and increase the awareness of ISIS and their intentions because this terrorist organization is spreading worldwide and we as citizens have a responsibility to stop ISIS from threatening our ways of life.










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