Class Projects for Fall 2014

Students: Using the “leave a comment” function above, please post a couple of sentences about your blog as well as a link to your first blog posting.

We will use this as an easy way to find and subscribe to all of the blogs you have created.

Due by class time 10/9





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14 Responses to Class Projects for Fall 2014

  1. cedonovan says:

    The link to my blog is I have made my blog about the Dickinson Equestrian team. My first post is about the horse show that we competed in this past Sunday at Penn State University. Enjoy!

  2. rothmans says:

    My first blog post is about my first experience with fashion and how it affected me in the moment and later, upon reflection. I also talk about the purpose and goal of my blog.

  3. haglundk says:

    I am creating a running blog. My first post is about Why I Run. The link to my blog is:

  4. James_George says:

    My blog’s link is:

    I am writing about art in the Carlisle community. My first post was about my background and an introduction to what the blog will be about. Enjoy!

  5. Mary says:

    My blog is at the intersection of arts, culture, and travel. It is a space for me to explore my wandering thoughts as I try to live each day as a ‚Äútraveler” who seeks wonder and beauty everywhere. My first post is about viewing the world around you with a tourist eye.

  6. Joanne says:
    That’s my blog. It’s pretty nifty if you don’t mind me saying. My first blog post is about narrative structure. It’s a real hoot and a half!

  7. prudywhalen says:

    My blog is about who I am as a person and is a way for me to keep track of how I will grow over the course of this semester. My first post is about who I am and what I like. The link is

  8. quilla says:

    My blog is a conglomeration of my experiences during my time abroad in England last year and my state of limbo as a former American expat living in America again. I will also discuss British culture, and differences between American and British culture. My first blog post includes a flashback to this time a year ago when I was in Norwich, and it also establishes who I am, and my intention behind creating this blog.

  9. Jack M. says:

    The link to my first blog post is

    My first post is about the Big Ten Game of the Week, Penn State vs. Michigan. I provide a short preview of both teams and my prediction for the game.

  10. Sarah McEvoy says:

    Below is the link to my blog! My goal is to create a lifestyle blog where readers can come to think on a deeper and alternative level.

  11. azpilcug says:

    Sorry I forgot to leave the comment. My first post is called “Why Home?” and I analyze what “home” means for me and why I think Mendoza is my home.

  12. Adam Kaminski says:

    Sundays are a day of rest, relaxing with family, and preparing for the next wee of work. This is true unless you are a devoted football fan which means Sundays are loaded with excitement while watching your favorite team. While watching the game, it is essential to have top notch snack food. Come on over to The Brok’n Kitch’n where we will break down two easy but delicious dips you can make to impress your friends for the next big game.

  13. Anthony4043 says:

    So my post for this week was a miniature study I did around campus. Had some interesting encounters. Enjoy!

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