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The last thing anyone who celebrates Thanksgiving thinks about is probably what to wear.  I’m a bit odd because I love wearing deep oranges and browns, taking full advantage of mimicking the gorgeous colors of the leaves.  Any holiday, in my eyes, is the perfect opportunity to experiment with new color palettes and trends.  My family typically has Thanksgiving at my house.






We eat traditional food like turkey and mashed potatoes, but we also eat borscht (beet soup) with tortellini due to our Polish and Ukrainian roots and pumpkin tamales because my mother likes to try and stay hip and current.

Every time I dress for the feast awaiting me, I always try to wear clothes with leeway in the tummy region.  The last thing I want is to be wearing tight, high-waisted jeans when I’m stuffing myself with all the delicious Thanksgiving food.  I’ve gathered some cute, forgiving, and flattering potential outfits for Thanksgiving day.

Dress $25, Tights $12,  Boots $45, Necklace $30
Blouse $22, Kimono $13, Stretch Leggings $36, Boots $39
Sweater $12, Chambray Shirt $9, Skirt $42, Socks $13, Boots $85

Outfit #1 (left): I love this dress for many reasons; price, pattern and shape.  It’s a really flattering cut for most body types, plus it has long sleeves to keep you warm.  The loose elastic waist has plenty of leeway (perfect for Thanksgiving).  I paired it with simple chelsea boots and black tights as not to distract from the pattern.  I also threw in a statement necklace, it’s a really gorgeous honey color that matches some of the colors in the dress.   This would be the perfect outfit for those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving in a fancy restaurant or somewhere with a dress code due to the modest cut and high-quality material.

Outfit #2 (middle): I know what you’re thinking; high waisted pants? Really? Have no fear, I made sure to select a pair that are 60% spandex for that extra bit of stretch.  Bonus: they also have fleece lining on the inside for warmth and maximum coziness.  Deep maroon and burgundy are trending colors this season but I wanted to dress up the outfit a little bit so I added a loose, flowing kimono.  It’s unique because of the loose, blazer-like shape to add an extra dressed up element.  I wanted the kimono to be the focus of the outfit so I paired it with simple, comfortable shoes and soft leggings.

Outfit #3 (right): This outfit is perfect for those of us who like to experiment with bright colors and layers.  The skirt is a skater style, which means that it is snug in the waist but flares out (perfect for hiding a Thanksgiving food baby).  I love the color of the skirt, it looks exactly like fall leaves.  I wanted this outfit to reflect the vibrant colors of nature during fall time.  The cozy, knitted sweater is marled green (grass), and the chambray collared blouse is blue (sky).  Since I didn’t want the legs to be completely bare, I added thick thigh-high, wool socks.  For one more pop of color I incorporated a multi-colored statement necklace.

Have an amazing Thanksgiving!

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