Thursday Treasures 12/11

The other day I heard someone say, “Women are from Venus, men are from Mars.” I have not heard this expression in ages, however it made me think about where we are with gender differences today. The theme of this weeks treasures is gender differences/ perceptions.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 11.19.04 PM

1. A few weeks ago I attended a talk by psychologist, Clare Murray from St. Joseph’s University. Murray shared a handful of interesting facts. Below are some points that resonated with me:

  • Gender essentialism: Theory that men and women act differently and have different options in life due to intrinsic differences between the genders.
  • Acceptance of gender inequalities is highest among children 6-8 years old.
  • Gender norm violations are more acceptable in the U.S. compared to Korea.

2. Women are often portrayed in unrealistic ways in the media. Take a look at this video where children react to a realistic-looking Barbie…Very refreshing!

3. Shonda Rhimes, writer and producer of some of my FAVORITE T.V. shows (How to get away with Murder, Scandal and Greys Anatomy) recently gave a speech on women in media.

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