Online Shopping: Student Discount Edition

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Being a college students has its perks.  One of my favorites is online student discounts.  These discounts range from 5% and all the way up to 30% off your entire online purchase (some even offer free shipping).  All you have to do is provide an email ending in @*insertnameofcollegehere*.edu and bam! discounts galore! These discounts aren’t limited to online shopping, if you bring your student ID into most stores, you can get the same discount!


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Asos: 15% all purchases with free shipping when you sign up for rewards with a college email address.

Topshop: 10% off all purchases if you are a college student (valid in the US, UK, Australia, and many more).

JCrew: 15% off all regularly priced items, not including sale.  JCrew is on the pricier side (for me at least) so who doesn’t love a 15% discount?

Urban Outfitters: 10%-15% off all online items for orders over $50.

Necessary Clothing: 25% discount on all online orders over $100 for college students.

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TOMS: College students get free shipping and bonus: they give a pair of shoes to a child in need.

Madewell: 15% in stores and online when you show your ID or register with a “.edu” email address.

Kate Spade: 15% all merchandise.


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Apple: Students can save up to $200 on a new computer, and up to $20 on an iPad.  When I got my Macbook Pro Retina (hand me down from my Mom) we cheated the system and told them it was for me when she initially bought it for herself and they installed Microsoft Student for free!

Microsoft Student Office: 10% off Microsoft student office that includes programs like excel, power point, word etc.

Adobe: Depending on what software you purchase, Adobe offers great student discounts for programs like photo shop.

Dell: Various discounts offered on any product with student ID/email.


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Amazon: Free 2-day shipping, access to deals and discounts before regular customers.  Amazon is great for textbooks/books for college courses.  This is where I get all my books and I highly recommend Amazon above your college bookstore because (like mine) they are essentially over-charging you and stealing your money.

College tuition is rising rapidly, putting pressure on us and our parents (or whoever pays for your education).  Although money can be a sore and sensitive topic, why not learn about the benefits that come with it too? I hope this post helps you save a little bit and maybe treat yourself.  It is finals week after all!

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