De-stress: The Final Push

In this post I will go through what I usually wear during finals week and some  of my favorite beauty and study essentials.

What I would wear for a jam packed day of studying:

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 11.15.48 AMAmidst all the chaos of finals, it might seem odd for me to be planning my outfit.  But for me, planning ahead eases my overall stress level.  Everything I included in my outfit is under $50, warm, comfortable and stylish.

I’m definitely a leggings > sweatpants kind of girl.  They make me feel less like a lazy bum than sweatpants do.  I opted for fleece leggings instead of regular cotton ones.  This is because fleece is a lot warmer and it insulates body heat so you don’t have to worry about getting cold in the library or wherever you may be studying.

During the winter I rarely wear anything other than boots.  I chose these slouchy ankle boots because they don’t have a zipper or laces and they’re easy to get on and off.  The suede material is really soft, comfortable, and stylish.

Cozy socks are a must, not just for finals, but for the colder months in general.  Any time I can get away with it, I will wear fuzzy or cable knit socks with boots.  These socks are really affordable and the knit pattern is really appealing.

I have a couple of Jcrew T shirts and they are above all other t shirts in terms of quality, feel and appearance.  These definitely live up to the ‘super soft’ name.  They come in a wide range of colors and Jcrew usually offers a 2 for $30 deal at the end of each season.

A knit pullover is the perfect winter essential.  Virtually every women’s clothing store has their own version of this.  Since burgundy is one of my favorite colors, I decided to include this one.  It’s loose but not baggy, and thick but not itchy.

Finally, you gotta have a circle scarf.  There is nothing more irritating for me than having an exposed neck during the winter.  Even if you’re studying, a circle scarf will keep you cozy and warm.  This one in particular is extremely affordable and lightweight so you won’t feel like you’re being suffocated by a thick scarf.

My beauty essentials: 

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 11.46.17 AM“It’s finals week, who has time to wear makeup?” Is what you’re probably thinking.  Whether makeup is a part of your daily routine our not, I chose some of my favorite long-lasting beauty and skincare essentials because makeup is part of my daily routine.

Rosebud salve: This is a staple beauty product.  It is affordable and very hydrating.  There’s no worse feeling than realizing you’ve left your lip balm in your dorm and are now constantly licking your lips (which only dries them out more).  There’s no scent and it’s flattering for all skin tones.

Hand cream: Hand cream in the winter is a must.  I have very dry hands so I always have a travel size bottle in my bag.  This product in particular is specially designed to provide a lot of moisture.  It has a gel consistency, no scent and is does not leave any oily residue.

Visine:  As someone with contacts, my eyes get irritated if I am studying for a long period of time, or staring at my computer screen for hours on end.  I carry around anti-redness relief eye drops to ease the dryness and redness in my eyes.

Tarte Cheek stain: I hate re-applying makeup so I love this cheek stain (you can also use it on your lips) because it lasts 24 hours and provides a subtle hint of rosiness to your cheeks.

BB cream:  I rarely wear foundation, but if I’m breaking out from stress, I gravitate toward BB cream.  BB creams are amazing products because they have a light to medium coverage, and are very natural on your skin.  I recommend BB creams for someone who wants coverage, but doesn’t want to look too done up.

Concealer:  I get HUGE dark under eye circles, especially during finals.  My biggest problem with concealer is creasing and lasting power.  I discovered this concealer during the summer and I swear by it.   It doesn’t budge, it doesn’t crease and it’s very easy to blend.

Mascara:  If you’re going to be studying for the whole day, you definitely don’t want to worry about your makeup rubbing off.  Maybelline makes the best drugstore mascaras.  The Rocket is great because it has a large applicator and stays on all day with no smudging.

Study Essentials


Soundproof headphones:  I have great headphones called Urbanears, Plattan style in the mint/turquoise color.  Even if I’m not listening to music, it blocks out the sounds pretty well.  They come in really nice colors and various styles.


Green tea: Green tea gets me through the day.  It relieves stress, it’s calming and it tastes good (to me at least).  I’m not a coffee drinker so tea is my go to drink if I need a caffeine burst.  My favorite green tea is by Tazo and they have it at Starbucks.  For an extra kick I add a slice of lemon.  If you have a sore throat, add lemon and honey, trust me it works.

Flash cards:  Flash cards are not great for everyone, but I find them really helpful, especially for Mandarin Chinese.  To maximize the usefulness of flash cards, read everything out loud to yourself or have a friend quiz you.  Also, if you can’t get the right answer immediately, put them into a separate pile and focus on those after you’ve gone through all of them.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 12.11.43 PM

Yoga: I really got into Yoga two years ago after I joined a studio in my hometown.  There’s this misconception that all yogis are teva-wearing, granola eating hippies but that’s not the case at all.  After attending many classes, I am able to do my own 15 minute session in my dorm room.  It helps me detach from studying for a little bit and really lowers my stress levels.  Any form of exercise, even if it’s only 5 minutes, can make you more study more productively.

I shared my fashion and beauty essentials with you because I wanted to show you how fashion (and beauty), is relevant in everyday situations.  Fashion is powerful and plays a role in everyone’s life, if you realize it or not.  The best parts of my day are figuring out what I want to wear for any given occasion.  I stay up late scrolling through Pinterest on my phone for outfit inspiration for the next day.

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