Local Politics

How will the United States react?  That is the number one question people of the international community ask themselves every time an issue arises around the world.  Yes, we as Americans have our own problems here is the United States, but at this point in history, we have accepted a role of coming to the aid of those in need throughout the international community.  This role has proposed the question of what politics are considered “local” now?

The United States has taken an activist role in the international community.  This means that we are committed to creating a social change on the international level.  This can be done by effecting international social norms, politics, economics, etc.  For example, our nation building campaign in Iraq after the fall of the Saddam Hussein regime.

As I turn on the news or read an article online about issues going on around the globe, I find it amusing that I always immediately think of how the United States will react because like it or not, we will somehow find a way to get involved in whatever it is.  We love to play peacemaker and love spreading how great democracy is, but then again, the United States has been expected to.  A vast amount of American citizens see other forms of governing against international norms.  In other words, issues that arise in other countries often become our problem as well.

How does conflict in foreign countries affect the United States?  Well, it can affect us in a number of ways.  Our modern-day international community is connected in so many ways that conflict in foreign countries can put pressure on our foreign alliances, trade, etc.

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