Grandma Ida and the Womanizer







I plan for my blog to be a comical recollection of the absurd conversation I have with my grandmother and my grandfather. My grandma Ida (my mom’s mom) is a European  holocaust survivor and widow that loves nothing more than spending time with her family.

She is a wonderful women and a fantastic grandmother. There is just one issue. She can be impossible to get off the phone. For this blog, I will document our conversations on the phone and share her humorous stories.

My grandpa Bernie  (my dad’s dad)  is an 88  year old womanizer who tells me about his new girlfriends every time we talk. He works at a flea market, goes dancing throughout the week, and volunteers at a senior home. Yes, he really is 88.

I’m looking forward to being able to take notes of our absurd conversations and sharing with not only the class, but also with my family.

Funny is family is a  great reference for the type of blog I hope to create. The blog is designed really well with lots of colors and pictures. The blog combines important information for families, such as cooking recipes, to a relatable story about kindergardeners.

In my search for a good granny blog I came upon this hilarious blog about grandma fails. I really hope that my grandmother does not do anything compared to these lovely ladies, such as the grandmother that got arrested for DUI while wearing a bikini.

The blog is mostly images and videos but they pick great media to catch the viewers eye.

I want my blog to include many images of my grandparents and include some of my all time favorite stories of them.  The goal is to make people laugh and share the comedic relief my grandparents give me every time we see/talk to each other.



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