Oh the Places I’ve Been

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I am fairly new to the blogging world, and did not read them before starting this class. But since then, I have done my fair share of research on what makes a great blog, and what I could blog about that was important to me. I found the travel and fashion blogs to be my favorite, but since I won’t be traveling in the near future a traditional travel blog would be difficult to do. So instead, I want to create a blog on where I have travelled to, including the different places I have lived, since they are vacation destinations. Two travel blogs that I really like are Earthxplorer and And North, as they incorporate photography into their posts as a large component. I think that when it comes to traveling, seeing what the places look like is just as important if not more important than reading about them. I want to incorporate my own pictures into my blog posts. I also want to designate a significant portion of my blogging to the town I am from and about what to do there if you were to visit.

When looking at different blogs, I found that the most appealing to me were ones with large pictures that drew you in, and then writing about the related images. While Classy Girls Wear Pearls is mostly images, with little writing, I like the layout of the blog and want to create mine in a similar style.

When looking back on my experiences traveling, I realize that a lot of my memories are very personal. I do want to write a little bit about this, but I want to focus my blog posts more about what I saw and did in the places I have been.




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