A Collection of Seemingly Awkward yet Very Amusing Moments

I love stories. Telling them, listening to them, reading books, watching video blogs, nothing draws me in more than a good story. Story telling blogs are the kind of blogs I like, yes I’ll read other kinds of blogs from time to time but Hyperbole and a Half,  Story Time with John, and The Bloggess, they really draw me in and make me want to tell my stories.2566241384_18ddca8440_m

For my blog I really want to share with the world the interesting, amusing and mostly “awkward in the moment but will get a laugh in retrospect” stories I have been getting myself into for most of my life. I am inspired to do this from Hyperbole and a Half, I love that blog and way Allie, the blogger, uses comics to tell stories but still writes a lot and just make it relatable. The Bloggess also inspires me because of her dark humor which I love. Story Time with John comes into play because his blog is exactly what it is called, story time. He just shares stories from his life and they can be quite entertaining. I like the way each of these blogs uses media differently and I plan to use a combination of these methods for my blog. The Bloggess uses pictures and videos whereas Hyperbole and a Half has these wonderful comics and Story time with John uses both pictures and gifs. The media and gifs will be easy to find through the creative commons, and I love to draw doodles on a sketching app on my ipad so I think I can find a nice balance to make my blog multimodel.

All in all I think my love for story sharing will make my blog authentic and hopefully humorous to others. I do have some stories already lined up and after discussing them with the people who are in them they are very excited to see how I tell them. I’m going to blog something I would want to read and if all else fails at least I know all my friends will read it too, even if only to see how their stories turn out!

Photo: John Steinbeck on Story-Telling….. by Jill Clardy

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