The Edge On Synchro



It was hard for me to come up with a topic which I knew about and I felt comfortable enough to create a blog about. When the suggestion of using my life as a sychronized figure skater came up, I knew I had my topic. I started looking at blogs of figure skating in general and there was a very limited amount, and even less in my type of skating. I decided this was the direction I wanted to head. I had found my blog.

For the past two years, going on to my third year, I have been a part of a synchronized skating team. This sport has taken over my life. My blog will be about what synchronized skating entails along with my team’s preparation for competitions and, in general, our life as a team.

My blog will also have pictures and videos of our team, our successes and even the fails will make it in. This will be from my perspective as a skater through lessons, team practices, and competitions.

Looking for blogs to inspire me was hard because I tried looking for skating blogs but there aren’t very many of them. I did find one called Her blog is about her life as an adult skater. I love the way that she has her blog set up, giving details about how her preparation for her tests are going and even how her lessons go. Overall, I like how her blog is set up as a whole.

I also like the layout of ‘s blog. It’s a lot like Sarah’s layout in Sarah on ice. It’s structured well and very clean in the way that they have put their entries. Overall I like the way both of the blogs have put everything in an easy, approachable, and understandable way.

My goal overall is to inform those who don’t know about the synchro community and to give a perspective on the hard work and dedication it takes. I want to have many pictures and videos in my blog including the successes and failures we may have.

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