Just keep running..

I am extremely interested in creating a running blog! As a varsity cross country and track and field athlete at Dickinson, it is pretty obvious that running is one of my passions. I am so incredibly fortunate to be part of such  fantastic and fast team that creating a blog about my experiences while running at Dickinson feels like a great fit. One of my favorite running blogs that has given me inspiration for my running blog, is called the “Suz Lyfe”. http://suzlyfe.com This blog is written by a gal who used to ride horses at the same barn as me growing up. She does an incredible job of blogging about her fitness, giving people running tips, providing viewers with nutritious recipes, and providing reviews for products, foods, restaurants, and more. In addition, she blogs about her journey with Crohns disease, and how she does not let her disease dictate her life. It is incredibly inspiring to see someone triumph through a chronic illness and touch so many lives. I believe it makes people realize how strong we can be with a positive outlook. The Suz Lyfe inspires me to make a blog because it is such a positive and influential blog not just for running, but for healthy living overall.

suzlyfe-logo-Collagetaken from “Suz Lyfe”

Another influential running blog is called “Lazy Girl Running”. http://www.lazygirlrunning.com/blog This is an influential blog because it is written by a women who found a love for running later in life and it is now her goal to help other people learn to love running and reach their running goals. She provides workout plans for new runners and encouragement posts for all of her fellow runners and readers overall.headertaken from “Lazy Girl Running”.

Overall, these two running blogs have given me many ideas as to what I want to include in my running blog. I think it would be really fun to include tips about running and certain healthy running foods. I want to convey to my audience why I love running and how I find it enjoyable to run 5-12 miles a day. In addition, I want to share my experiences that I have with my team and give readers an idea of what it is like to be a cross country runner at Dickinson. It is my goal to write compelling posts, make my audience smile, and hopefully spread my love of running with others.b15c5b923535f274513bb7460f5b9a970155b0257e0076facda2c62c2c1495actaken from “Quick Meme”

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