Turning a dream into a plan

I want to write about the experience that I am living as a student abroad. I would like to include not only funny moments, anecdotes and pictures, but also some feelings that have been arousing and the ones that will arouse. Happiness, confusion, curiosity, fear, anxiety, optimism, and some others. I want to share crucial moments of this trip and also make reference to the people who helped me before coming and who are helping me now, during my scholarship. At first, I thought that picking only one particular situation that my Dickinson experience is giving me would be the best decision. But, last week I figured out that I am learning something new from everybody and everything. That is why I am ready to share just every moment, situation or experience that is building my life here. New places, new people, a new house, a new country, ‘international friends’, classes as a student, Spanish classes as a Teaching Assistant, travels, Skype or FaceTime (maybe this take longer than I expect).

I want to make something compelling, avoiding the blogs, the posts or the ‘old news’ stages that most people experience during a semester or year abroad. I would like to share my experience in a natural way, including my pictures and different illustrations, drawings, videos or quotes that help me to express my feelings.

I really enjoyed reading The English Student. It is one of my favorites for the message, the design and the style.  I also enjoyed reading Flirting with the Globe, Nomadic Matt, and Start Up Quote.  Each of these blogs has something that inspired me and made me think about my ‘life blog’ during my residency in the United States.






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