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Tabletop games are defined as, “any game with cards, dice, tiles, or boards that are usually played on a table or other flat surfaces”. while I have not had an experiences in role-playing games (though I’d like to try one if I ever get the chance), I have been a fan of card games and board games of all kinds. While Texas Hold’em and Poker are classics, card games also includes the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering and Munchkins. Board games are more than just Sorry and Life, they can be as complex and rich as Lords Of Waterdeep, Diplomacy, and Dominion. These are only just a few of my favorite games that I try to play regularly. In fact, I’ve probably yet to play even a small fraction of the best tabletop games ever made. I intend to change that with my friends at the Dickinson Game Club and the other game groups I meet. For a blog about tabletop gaming, I’d like to share more information about the games I love and create reviews with my friends with the games I want to try.  


To be honest, I do not usually look up blogs for information on  tabletop games beside Magic: The Gathering,  but here are some examples of Site Blogs and Youtube Channel Podcasts (which as sort of like blogs):


A Site about competitive level Magic: The Gathering. Each article on Channel Fireball is written by different writers who are almost all dedicated competitive Magic players. Article topics include popular deck archetypes, thoughts on different formats of Magic, and ideas about the game in general. One of my favorite articles recently was how the game is helping schools in different ways. One inventive function that sets the site apart from others is its individual card-selling store, which is connected to the articles. See a Magic deck you like talked about in an article? One click and every card in that deck is in your shopping cart. While I’ve never personally done this, I admire the way Channel Fireball has made it easy for both new and experienced players to get a strong deck of cards. This site is pretty overwhelming to a beginner, but to an experienced player, Channel Fireball has some of the most detailed analysis of the game at their fingertips.

A comedy troupe and video production studio, that has made videos about card and board games such as Magic: The Gathering. Started in 2003, the studio was founded by Graham Stark and Paul Saunders, but has since included many other crew members. Personally, I have mostly watched their variety of videos on Youtube. They make both skits and podcasts about news and events in Magic and other games and media. Like other videogame skit studios, they have done a fantastic job having a dialogue with their audience and staying current.



Reddit/r/boardgames and Reddit/r/tabletop
A subreddit about boardgames. Reddit, as they define themselves on their site, is, “a type of online community where users vote on content”. They have a number of interest-themed forums which are filled with user-generated opinions and stories. I occasionally use their tabletop  and board games boards to find new content, but I have not made an account to partake in their community.

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