Let’s Talk About Me

I’ve always had an aversion to overly-personal blogs. Reading about someone’s life in such an intimate fashion online has always made me cringe. Yet I don’t mind the same intimacy when reading biographies or op-eds published through news sites. For some reason, the source seems to be important in determining my level of discomfort with the writing. In an attempt to curb my unfair and unsubstantiated feelings about writing about oneself, I am interested in writing an extremely personal blog about myself and others. I want to explore the relationships in my life. These include my relationships with my friends, my family, important likes and dislikes in my life (rap music, pop-country for example), and work relationships.

I don’t intend to open my heart up online. Some things need to remain out of the public eye. I will, however, seek to be honest as possible about my relationships. This will be difficult because I can’t control who reads what I write, and I imagine, given my humor, that I will most likely offend someone, if only in the short term. Furthermore, I will have to tread a fine line between being honest and being respectful to others’ feelings. I can’t promise I’ll nail it, but I’ll give it a shot.

In terms of style, I will be aiming to write like many of the contributors on Passion of the Weiss. A perfect example of that writing style can be seen on this week’s Rap Up or on the recent review of Travis Scott’s newest album. The writers for Passion of the Weiss employ a colloquial-intellectual style that appeals to Millennial taste while still retaining an air of journalistic integrity. It reminds me vaguely of Kurt Vonnegut.

Passion of the Weiss hand drawn portrait. http://www.passionweiss.com/2015/09/21/dam-funk-invite-the-light-album-review-stones-throw/

Passion of the Weiss hand drawn portrait. http://www.passionweiss.com/2015/09/21/dam-funk-invite-the-light-album-review-stones-throw/

My love affair with Passion of the Weiss ends there. The layout of the site doesn’t appeal to me. The all-black background has its purpose, but it seems immature to me in some way. I do, however, enjoy the hand-drawn portraits that appear in many of the articles, and would consider employing a similar style in that respect. In terms of layout, I much prefer FiveThirtyEight. Although I could not populate my blog with nearly the amount of content that FiveThirtyEight can, I like the column-and-box layout and the white background. I’ll attempt to design my own blog in that manner.

So, yeah…That’s how I plan to start my blog. I hope you read it. Unless I’m writing about you. Things could get weird.

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  1. keoma says:

    Cool! Looking forward to read your posts! 😉

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