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The Web of Everything: You Can Learn There, Too

  We often think of blogging as the work of the amateur cook, the dog lover, the awestruck student abroad, or the good samaritan building homes for earthquake victims in Haiti. They are known to have value, but their value … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Me

I’ve always had an aversion to overly-personal blogs. Reading about someone’s life in such an intimate fashion online has always made me cringe. Yet I don’t mind the same intimacy when reading biographies or op-eds published through news sites. For … Continue reading

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Beautify Your Blog

  If you drop the word “blog” in a social setting, you’re likely to be met with poorly-hidden sneers and maybe even a slight chuckle. I’ve been guilty of such sneers and chuckles, because often blogs are associated with the … Continue reading

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