2015 Student Projects

2015 Student Projects are beginning!

Leave a comment below with: 1) two or three sentences about what your blog is and 2) your URL.

Due: Thursday 10/8

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17 Responses to 2015 Student Projects

  1. murfNturf says:

    My blog, Getting Out and Doing It, is all about the active lifestyle I love to live. My first post is about our lacrosse team taking part in Run For Steph. Give it a look, thanks! https://getoutdoit.wordpress.com/

  2. snack_ster says:

    Hey everyone! My blog is called “ForManByMan”, I will be discussing a variety of topics that cater to the younger male demographic (sports, college life, and other cool/interesting stuff). Feel free to take a look!


  3. andersen says:

    My blog is called “The Edge On Synchro”, I will be talking about what it’s like to be a part of a skating team. I will also be talking about the history behind it and how i got into the sport. Take a look…


  4. Connor Moore says:

    My blog, Sententia, is all about English Literature. My first post is about how the study of English has come to be what we know it as today.


  5. Charlotte Heroux says:

    My blog, Loose Gravel, is about the traveling I have done, but also including the places I have lived. My first post is about my hometown.


  6. kdevon says:

    Hey everyone! My blog focuses on different relationships in my life via movies. I ask my friends/family/professors/etc what their favorite movies are and review them after discussing my relationship with them. My first post is about my little sisters favorite movie.


  7. caffeinat0r says:

    My blog is a storytelling blog! It’s about all different silly situations my friends, family and I end up in. My first post is about a fire alarm that kept going off at 4 a.m.

  8. clancyc says:

    My blog is called “Ellie and Me”, is all about my four year old golden retriever. I will be discussing what it was like to train/raise a puppy on your own as well as document all of the trouble she gets into on a weekly basis.


  9. Taipei_kid says:

    So my first post ties in a bit of our discussion/readings from Tuesday’s class, but it is the lead-in for the concepts and thinking behind my blog.

  10. Techzmex says:

    My blog, The Red Tabletop, is about tabletop games I have played or would like to play here on the Dickinson Campus. My first post is about a game called Diplomacy.


  11. The Real Shan Lin says:

    My blog is about YouTube music cover artists. I would like to talk about their varying approaches to making music videos online. My first post is titled YouTube For The Win. Check it out!


  12. toolen says:

    Hey all. My blog is titled RapLens, and will focus on hip-hop. The main focus will be on issues of social justice in the hip-hop community, from its faults to its triumphs. Excuse the bad header for now. https://raplens.wordpress.com/

  13. balonik_a says:

    My blog, Bring On the Borscht is about my Russian culture and how growing up in a Russian household has influenced me. My first post is a preview of what my future posts will look like. It gives reasons why I made the blog and what my readers should expect in my future posts.


  14. Carla Meli says:

    Hi, everybody! I have just made my first blog entry, based on my decision of studying abroad.


  15. Riccardo says:

    I want to debunk the Italian-American “Cooking” Myth. It’s pretty weird finding yourself defending your own culture from one that everybody believes is the real one, I mean when I arrived here in the States, all those stereotypes about Americans toward “Italians” were true. It’s also hard to explain but that’s why I want to write about it and also show it through videos which will show the craziness behind all this.

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