What is “Bring on the Borscht” ?

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 7.23.51 PMWelcome to my very Russian yet very American life, that to me, seems completely normal. Recently I discovered that the blurred line between my cultures isn’t considered “normal” to most people. Thanks to my boyfriend’s shocked face in the middle of the dance floor at my cousins super Russian wedding a few weekends ago, I knew I had to make a blog about my “Russian-ness” that not many people know about.

This blog is going to be my outlet where I can be honest, expressive, and passionate about my Russian culture and how it has shaped the person I am today. It’s intended to make my readers laugh, learn, and relate to my stories and posts about my family and unique experiences. My goal is that together, we can relate to one another no matter our cultures, and appreciate each other and where we come from. I hope to not only inform people about myself and my heritage, but also engage my readers to share their own experiences and how they relate to mine. Together we will learn that our cultures aren’t as “different” or “strange” as we think.

Have you ever been to a night club with your family in Brooklyn?

My parents and I at a Russian Night Club in Brooklyn

Have you eaten Kholodets .. aka MEAT JELLO ?

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 8.28.13 AM
Click image for more bizarre Russian foods

Do your friends think your dad is Gru from Despicable Me?

Well, the answer to all of the above is HELL YEA for me. That’s just a preview about what some of my blog posts will be about. Although many things about my Russian culture may seem a bit weird or odd, and I tend to make fun of a lot of it, I still love and appreciate where my family is from and my heritage. I’m basically going to be making fun of myself and my family in most of the blog. If you find any of my posts offensive, then don’t stay. But know that I am not intending to hurt anyones feelings or look down upon the Russian culture. It’s mine. I’ve lived these stories and experiences too. So don’t hate, and join me on my life journey of integrating my Russian-ness with my American-ness.

Along with funny and absurd posts about my culture, I also will be including some more serious posts like:

My First Day of Kindergarten, AKA: The first time I heard English


Having Russian phone calls with family at school when everyones staring at me


So, welcome, “Здравствуйте.” I hope you enjoy following me and learning more about who I am, and my heritage. Each post will be dedicated to a Russian artist or someone that has influenced my “Russian-ness” at some point in my life.

I’m dedicating my first post to my girl, Alla Pugacheva, the most famous female Russian singer of all time. She is basically the queen of Russian music and has been for the past 50 years. My parents and grandparents know every word to every song of hers and I’m starting to realize that hearing it in the background of parties or long drives with my family, I’m learning most of the words too. If you learn this song, you’ll be golden at the clubs or any Russian event! … You’re welcome.

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