So you’re pulling an all-nighter……

Everyone pulls all-nighters, it’s just something that happens during your college career. Either you have a paper or an exam in the morning and sudden you come across this amazing idea to stay up all night cramming or writing! Perfect plan, right?


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Well when you do find yourself in an academic building late at night you will likely come across one of these 5 types of people….

#1- The Zombies:


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You are in sweatpants, with a blanket, and literally your entire bookshelf next to you. This is the highest stress-level and you’re prepared to have your friend pry your assignment from your cold dead hands because you don’t know how on earth you’ll make it through this night alive. Stress level: What is calm?

#2 The Night Owls:


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You don’t do work during the day, either classes, work, or other activities get in your way. Or maybe you just work better at night. So you spend the hours between midnight and 3 a.m. powering through work. Often you’re super focused and productive, always have coffee or tea next to you. Stress level: average college student.

#3 The Illusionists:

You come to the library with the zombies or night owls, talking about how much work you are going to get done and how focused you are. However no one but you can see the open Netflix tab next to the Tumblr page and the fact that your paper, which you had said you finished part of so you’re taking a break, only has two sentences written. Typically, you leave after two hours or stay all night and having only completed the newest season of Scandal. Stress level: moderate to high. You know you need to work but you’re avoiding it.

#4 The Cheerleaders:


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you are angels of light in the dark nights at the library. You come bearing gifts of sugar, coffee, blankets and very entertaining breaks from work (or Netflix) for the zombies, night owls, and illusionists. You don’t stay long but your presence is always appreciated. Stress level: low. Your work is done, you’re here to support.

#5 The Showboats:

You stop by and distract the zombies, illusionist, and night owls briefly before you head out to a party for the night. You often arrive dressed up and possible tipsy from a pre-game. You bear no gifts but brag about how you’re going to get so “turnt” tonight and will tell us all about it tomorrow at breakfast. Stress level: ready to party.


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When it comes down to it, nobody falls into just one category. Maybe you are a night owl who turns into a cheerleader for your friend who was a showboat but is now a zombie because they remembered the paper that’s due tomorrow. Either way all-nighters happen it’s college that’s just part of it. But hey! That’s what naps are for!!


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