The Womanizer and Marian the Librarian


As you now know, my grandpa Bernie is a massive womanizer. He goes dancing throughout the week and volunteers at a senior citizen home to meet women. My grandfather is a living legend in the Baltimore metropolitan area. He is the talk of women’s book clubs, scrapbooking clubs, bridge clubs, and of course the water aerobics class taught at the local YMCA. Old women want to be with him and old men want to be him.

Hugh Hefner and Bernie would be good pals.323261_374764242577944_368390992_o

This blog post, however, is about one of his prior relationships with Marian the Librarian, or Marian for short. A few years ago my grandfather told me he wanted to settle down and that he was “only” seeing three women. He stated that one particular old lady had become more serious, and he may even become exclusive with her.

Big step for Bernie.

I don’t think Marian ever became my grandfathers only girlfriend, but she definitely lasted the longest. Marian would attend family events and my grandfather really seemed to enjoy her company. My family thought that the old bachelor may have finally settled down.

We were wrong.

Not long after I met Marian, my grandfather called and it was a very normal conversation. How’s school going? How’s lacrosse? How are the girls treating you? It was the typical grandparent conversation. I then asked him how Marian was doing and he casually answered, “Oh she actually passed away a few days ago”.



I was in shock. I offered my condolences and asked how he was doing. I asked if I could do anything to help, or if he wanted my family to come to the funeral and support him. Grandpa Bernie simply replied that he was doing great and that he was planning to breakup with Marian anyway.

The man was single again. I obviously felt horrible for Marian and her family, they were in my thoughts and prayers, but all my family could do was laugh about my grandfathers antics.

His first wife (my grandmother) passed away before I was born and his second wife passed away when I was 13. He is at the stage in his life where he wants nothing serious and just wants to have fun. Grandpa Bernie is the typical college student.

We are at the point where we know that my grandfather has many girlfriends and we are simply happy that he seems happy. I just don’t need to meet any more of the women in his life.

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