Why being on a team is so special <3

1) Great Support Network

Team bonding activities!

Joining Dickinson Cross Country has been one of the best parts of my college experience. It is an incredibly unique experience and I am thankful for it everyday. I mean, how many people can say that they get to go out and run everyday and compete in meets on weekends with the most amazing group of people? My team works so hard each day and supports each other throughout every workout and run. Going to practice every day is always the highlight of my day. It is a time for me to set aside all my stresses from the day (aka schoolwork) and focus solely on running. Practice is the perfect outlet and the best form of stress relief. Even when my team is doing a hard workout, though daunting, I know that I will be able to get through it with all the amazing support my team and coaches give me.

2) My team can help me with ANYTHING

Teammates dogs are the best kind of therapy.
Teammates dogs are the best kind of therapy.

Another reason why running on a team is special is because it provides structure in my day. It pushes me to strive more academically and set goals in and out of the classroom. Being part of a team also gives me access to a broad range of resources. For example, if I am struggling in a class, it is highly likely that I will have a team member that has already in the class with more or has taken it in the past.

3) Caf Meals

We are always finding ways to entertain ourselves in the Caf!
We are always finding ways to entertain ourselves in the Caf!

I know this sounds weird, but eating in the Caf with my teammates is so much fun. There are so many on both sides of the team (men and women), that there is always a teammate at the table. Since we are always busy at practice, eating in the Caf is the perfect time to talk and catch up on how our day is going. We are notorious for sitting in the Caf for extended periods of time and eating enormous amounts of food.

4) Meets

Little 3 Championships! #AllWeDoIsWin #22years
Little 3 Championships!
#AllWeDoIsWin #22years

Cross Country meets are one of the best parts of being on a team! They are a time for the team to show off how fast we are and how hard we have trained. My coach always tells us “run home together”, even if you are running by yourself at a meet. This saying helps us to push through the toughest parts of the meet and it helps to remind us that we are running for the team no matter where we finish. It is always amazing to see how far we progress throughout the season because it epitomizes how we are getting stronger and how all the hard work pays off.

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