if you don’t have any ice…

I was going to write a post about first-years and their terrible etiquette at parties, but then I rolled my ankle this morning.

I’m not the most coordinated person on the planet. I’ve broken my leg twice, my toes an endless number, my wrist, I’ve had four stress fractures at one time, I once slipped on ice and got stuck on my back because my backpack was too big, another time I had to get stitches on my face from falling on a coffee table… The list goes on. So when I run I am used to having the occasional slip, roll, or fall.

Here are some GIF’s similar to falls I have taken throughout my life……


GIF via Giphy


GIF via Giphy


GIF via Giphy


GIF via Giphy

ANY WAY, this morning I set out for a relaxing Sunday run, I made it to my turn around point and I’m about a quarter of my way back when I got distracted by how many leaves were on the sidewalk. It was and an EXCESSIVE amount of leaves I couldn’t even see where I was running! That’s when I ran my left foot off the sidewalk, rolled my ankle and almost fell on my ass.

It was actually really comical I’m sure anyone who might have seen would’ve laughed because my face went from peacefully admiring nature to OH SHIT IM GOING DOWN in the span of 2 seconds. I recovered quickly and finished my run.

I went about my day as per usual, over time my ankle started to get more and more sore to the point where it hurt enough that I decided maybe I should put some ice on it.

But first I had to see if it was actually swollen and I wasn’t just being a hypochondriac. I did what every college student would do, ask their roommate.

Me: hey can you see if one of my ankles looks swollen? I’m not-

My Roommate: Don’t tell me which ankle it is!

Me: Got it.

Me: *waits patiently*

My Roommate: the left one looks swollen, ice it!!

(PSA: my roommate is actual the best like she really is).

So I go to our freezer and pull the ice tray out only to remember the events the occurred last weekend, which left our ice tray filled with not water, but “Sex on the Beach” Jell-O shots…


Let me explain, last weekend my roommate and I made these amazing Jell-O shots, but we ran out of Dixie cups so what do we do? That’s right, we filled our ice cube tray. However, the Jell-O shots in the tray weren’t jelling (is that the word?) So we put the ice tray in the freezer and forgot about it. GIF via Giphy

Until now.

My roommate and I laughed for a minute and I went to put them back into our freezer when my roommate goes, “what are you doing? You need to ice your ankle.” So I filled a Ziploc baggie with some Jell-O shots and here I am writing this, “icing” my ankle.

Also while writing this I found out that the cranberry juice was what made our Jell-O shots not Jell-O-y. Good to know.

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