Hunting For Jobs and the Dreaded End


So as I forgot to mention in my “about me” blog post, I am a senior this year. With that comes the realization that in less than six months I’ll be in the real world doing real world people things (whatever the hell that means). To be honest it’s starting to slap me in the face pretttttttty hard considering the fact that I don’t have a job yet, so I should probably get going on that shit.

The end of college is pretty scary for people my age. You can’t hang out with your buddies all the time. No more college parties and doing spontaneous activities because you’re bored. You can’t skip class and ignore all your responsibilities so you can sit on your ass and watch Netflix all day. You actually have to do shit and be a functioning member of society, which is daunting af.

With the end of college comes the beginning of finding a job and entering the work force. Looking for jobs is a fools errand at times, especially when you know the first job you get out of college will consist of doing a lot of bitch work and staying in an office until all hours of the night. It’s kinda like bird hunting. You just have to sit there and watch and hope a cool looking one falls in your lap. But, what usually happens is it flies away so fast you didn’t even have time to capture it.

Shooting this bird is like interviewing for a job. Sure, you practiced a lot and you think your aim (interviewing skills) are pretty good, but when it’s actually go-time you melt worse than Bill Buckner in the World Series and completely pooch it. That beautiful looking bird flies right away from you but the guy next to you shoots it down with a Call of Duty looking headshot and you sit there hoping another one flies near you.

So, my fellow seniors, I know it may feel like college has flown by and that you’re not ready to leave the safety net that is college, but sometime (hopefully) soon you will have perfected that aim so you can claim that bird and brag to all your friends about how awesome that bird is.

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